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Brexit: 'Limited' time for Johnson to avoid no deal if he wins election, EU warns

Prime minister refuses to discuss the risks of leaving without a trade deal at the end of 2020
Jon Stone, Ben Kentish, Andrew Woodcock / The Independent   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 22:35:18

Johnson says Britain can soon stop talking about Brexit if he wins vote

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday night that the public can soon stop talking about Brexit if he wins next week's general election and that there is significant investment waiting once the political paralysis is over.
Reuters   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 22:32:31

Conservatives plan January Brexit, February budget if they win election

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives said on Wednesday they would complete Britain's exit from the European Union by the end of January and hold a budget in February if they win the national election.
Reuters   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 22:32:07

Johnson sets out plan for Brexit vote before Christmas

Prime minister's 100-day blueprint invites scathing attack from former Speaker Bercow
FT   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 22:31:02

Liberal Democrats could back Labour to force second Brexit vote

The leader of Britain's pro-European Liberal Democrats has suggested she could work with the opposition Labour party to stop Brexit if it removed its leader in the event of a hung parliament after next week's election.
Reuters   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 21:09:50

Glavin: Brexit-battered U.K. election offers nothing but bad choices

The next prime minister is likely to be the comically dishevelled and profoundly unserious Conservative incumbent. But there's a strong outside chance that 10 Downing Street will end up the digs of Labour's cardigan-wearing allotment gardener. Neither outcome bodes well for Britain.
Christina Spencer, Ottawa Citizen / Ottawa Citizen   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 18:47:48

UK property funds: M&G the Unready

Brexit uncertainties and the decline of physical retailing have taken a toll
FT   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:45:58

Who should I vote for? General election 2019: Compare the party manifestos

Compare where the parties stand on key issues - from Brexit and the NHS to education and the environment.
BBC   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:44:36

UK could drop plans to tax tech firms in rush to secure US trade deal

Trade experts raise doubts about digital sales tax aimed at companies such as Google Boris Johnson's plans for a multibillion-pound tax on tech companies such as Google and Facebook may be dropped in the post-Brexit rush to secure a trade deal with the US, trade experts have suggested. The prime ...
Jasper Jolly / Guardian   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:36:40

Brussels to seek rapid talks with UK after Brexit

EU leaders will meet as Britain goes to the polls to discuss next phase
FT   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:26:46

8 Days to Go

TORIES Former Labour MP Ivan Lewis Backs Boris Pledge £4.2bn for trains, buses and trams Boris hails 'solidarity' after anniversary talks Topline(s): 8 DAYS TO GET BREXIT DONE LABOUR Labour claims their plans could save families £6,700 a year. Topline(s): Labour will lay foundations of a new economy LIB DEM ...
Tom Harwood / Guy Fawkes' blog   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:21:03

Airbnb moving EU payment processing before Brexit

Seeking Alpha   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 17:03:07

Stockbroker Numis suffers from London stock market slowdown

Aim-listed group also blames Brexit uncertainty as profits plunge 61%
FT   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 16:59:19

Luxembourg PM: UK plays by our rules or accepts no deal

Xavier Bettel warns of Brexit cliff-edge at the end of 2020.
Cristina Gallardo / Politico   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 16:52:22

M&G suspends £2.5bn property fund blaming retail crisis and Brexit

M&G Property Portfolio bans withdrawals after investors demand their money back One of the UK's biggest property funds, which owns shopping centres across the country, has alarmed investors by banning withdrawals and blaming both Brexit and the retail downturn for its problems. The £2.5bn M&G Property Portfolio was suspended after ...
Patrick Collinson / Guardian   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 15:32:40

General election 2019: Ulster Unionists 'want hung parliament'

Launching the UUP manifesto, Steve Aiken says he hopes party MPs will stop the current Brexit deal.
BBC   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 14:59:00

EU to spell out plans for potentially years more Brexit talks on day after general election, leak shows

Boris Johnson had pledged to 'get Brexit done'
Jon Stone / The Independent   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 14:53:00

M&G suspends £2.5bn property fund on Brexit and retail woes

Property Portfolio faced 'unusually high and sustained outflows'
FT   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 14:48:44

Boris Johnson refuses to rule out no-deal Brexit and abruptly ends press conference

Prime minister declines to say whether the UK could reach the end of it transition out of the EU in December 2020 with no trade deal
Ben Kentish, Andrew Woodcock / The Independent   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 14:35:00

Services sector data adds to fears of further slump in UK economy

Survey suggests Brexit uncertainty deterring foreign firms from buying UK services Fears that the UK economy could record a second quarter of negative growth this year have been heightened after a major business survey showed the services sector shrank last month. Export orders fell at the fastest rate since the ...
Phillip Inman / Guardian   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 13:31:53

Brexit Party MEP expelled following bitter row over election

The Brexit Party have expelled one of their MEPs for "repeatedly undermining" their general election strategy.
Sky   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 13:31:00

John McDonnell confident Labour's Brexit policy will appeal to Leave voters

Brexit will not be the only factor determining the outcome of the UK election, says shadow chancellor.
Cristina Gallardo / Politico   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 13:12:16

Self-Confessed 'Nasty Piece of Work' Hugh Grant's Crusade to Cancel Brexit

Hugh Grant has been touring London and the Home Counties supporting Brexit blocking candidates from Chuka Umunna to Dominic Grieve, and Faiza Shaheen. The loaded luvvie might not be the gimmicky asset on the doorsteps that gullible politicians seem to think he is. Guido thought it was time to remind ...
Tom Harwood / Guy Fawkes' blog   |   Wed, 4 Dec 2019 13:00:05

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